Kit Kat "Mint Choc Whirl"


How much you enjoy this Kit Kat depends mostly on how much you like chocolate and mint together. I think most people are fine with this combination, however there are a few people out there who really hate it. I like chocolate and mint together, but I can actually understand why people don’t like it. Taking the herb that’s known for cooling things off and putting it into chocolate, objectively seems like a weird idea. It just seems weird on paper, but for some reason I don’t mind it, and neither do many people out there. This bar in particular is great at balancing out the minty flavour with the chocolate, and it seems like you get a good mix of the two flavours.

The part of this bar that disappoints me a bit is the “whirl”. If you look at the package you see a bar that is beautifully decorated with light green and brown “whirls”. When you open the bar, there are certainly whirls, but they’re not as well defined as what you see on the package, and also not as plentiful. The bar almost looks like someone really failed at painting stripes on a Kit Kat, rather than fun whirls. It also doesn’t cover the top of the bar as well as it appears on the package. The bottom chocolate portion kind of blends up a little further than what I see on this package. It’s pretty much an aesthetic thing, since the flavour actually blends quite well, but the fact that this bar doesn’t look very pretty does dampen this Kit Kat a bit.

I won’t call this bar a failure, even visually. I just imagine that the folks at Nestle had bigger plans for the look of this bar than what they could actually pull off. I think they either have to change the package to lower expectation, or maybe up the technique to make this bar really pop when you take it out of the package.