Kit Kat "Bites"


Yet another "Kit Kat" treat for me to enjoy. Now as you may or may not know I'm a big "Kit Kat" fan, many of the top treats on this site are in fact Kit Kat bars. For the most part I have yet to try a Kit Kat that I did not like, the white chocolate version was a little off but not too bad. I would use an analogy that I read about going to Disneyland, “even your worst day at Disneyland is still a day at Disneyland”. In other words, even the worst Kit Kat bar is still a Kit Kat bar.

While I’m happy that I’m eating a Kit Kat related treat these unfortunately don't really rank that high for me. To be honest they're missing a lot of what makes a Kit Kat great; the balance between chocolate and wafer. I guess if you compare these Kit Kat Bites to other candy bars, they’re fine, but when you compare it to its predecessor it doesn't match up. Ratio in candy bars is so important, and when you mess with the size and format it often changes things greatly, and not often for the better.

These Kit Kat Bites have too much chocolate and not enough middle (wafer and wafer filling) to make them a superstar candy like the regular Kit Kat bar. These are good but not great, and by great I mean perfect.