Kit Kat "Chessnut"


Disappointment is all I have to say. I looked at this package and thought that I was in for a taste adventure like not other. I mean who would think that a package with a spiky nut on the front would disappoint. To me this bar was very dis-logical (not %100 sure that’s a word).

Basically, what you're getting with this bar is a Kit Kat covered in white chocolate. The only thing that even seems remotely exotic about this treat is the package. I couldn’t taste anything different at all, and believe me I tried really hard. I so wanted just a small amount of something that would say that this bar was better than a Kit Kat made with white chocolate, mainly because I'm not really a big fan of white chocolate. Try as I might though it just didn't deliver anything except a bland white chocolate Kit Kat. I'm not sure why the chestnut flavour didn't work in the Kit Kat format. Maybe they didn’t ad enough chestnuts, maybe the flavour of chestnuts is too subtle, or maybe the white chocolate is too strong. I just don't know how you could improve this bar; all I do know is this bar just isn't that great.

These are the kind of candy reviews that bring a tear to my eye. First of all because I paid a few bucks for this bar, and secondly because I turned down other Kit Kat bars because this one looked interesting. I wonder if I could buy crappy candy insurance and get some of my money back whenever I’m really disappointed with a treat?