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Kit Kat "Cinnamon"


Taste: 2

Texture: 4

Novelty: 1

All scores out of 5

December 13 2006

"Would all the chocolate bars that have way too many variations please step forward? Yes, hello Aero, Mr Big... well, you do have a few. Butterfinger? Sure, why not? Wait a minute, where's Kit Kat? I'm sure I've seen a few variations around. I'm sure he must be around here somewhere... Oh, I see! Kit Kat has had to step so far forward that at this very moment he's somewhere in Ireland." End scene. Thanks for playing along with my little skit entitled, 'Man There Are a Lot of Different Kit Kats.'

So here I am staring yet another Kit Kat variation in the face wondering, again, why I do this to myself. You see, I'm not a hater of all variations, as you might think. I feel sometimes a variation can be fun, and creative. This one might fall under that category, but I also wonder if maybe the folks at Kit Kat have just run out of ideas and figured, "Why not cinnamon?" I can't judge the bar yet since I haven't actually bitten into it, but I will say I do wonder.
It smells like cinnamon. I thought I'd give it a sniff just to see, and man does it ever. It reminds me of this cheap scratch and sniff book I once had where you could smell the smells of Christmas. One of the pages had a gingerbread house and I loved it. I scratched it so much the whole book reeked of gingerbread in no time. So I have to say this bar brings back some Christmas memories for me.

Tasting it, I'm not really sure what to think of this snack. Does it work as a Kit Kat? I don't think so. I think they could have come up with something better... Oh wait, they've already come up with almost every possible variation already. So I guess cinnamon time was due. Any ideas what might be next?