Kit Kat "Dark"


I should mention before I even start this review that you may not be eating the same Kit Kat dark as I'm eating. I say this because this Kit Kat dark was made in England, and that makes a huge difference. When people ask me what my favorite candy is, I always say: "well the Kit Kat is the number 1 review on the site and if you can get them in England (or Europe) than they're even better". This will often lead to a conversation about why European treats are so much better but I don't want to just fill the review up with that. If you really want to know drop me an e-mail and I'll tell you.

The Kit Kat Dark is a great treat. The chocolate is nice and smooth and a little nuttier than the regular Kit Kat. Fortunately, this particular variation didn't mess with the original recipe too much so the things I love about Kit Kat still remain. I am one of the few people on earth that actually likes milk chocolate a little more than dark chocolate so I still like the regular Kit Kat more, but not by much.

The only real fault I can find with this bar is its lack of originality. Once again, its the candy company changing a little feature on their bar and re-branding it. Nestle makes oodles of money selling Kit Kat and other bars, yet they don't have the nerve to really explore what the candy bar world could offer. Hey Nestle, stop with the variations all the time and start putting out more new treats!