Kit Kat Editions "Tiramisu"


Because this is European the chocolate taste great and that always makes these reviews a little harder to do. Now I have to admit I'm not a fan of tiramisu. One problem is that Tiramisu is a cake like dessert, and I'm not sure how well the Kit Kat bar can really emulate it. This bar is basically a Kit Kat with some kind of white cream encased in chocolate on the top. I don't mind that because it gives me more British chocolate to enjoy, but I'm not sure if the cream is doing anything for the flavour of the bar. The only way to really know is to try the cream on its own.

The cream really has no flavour, it's just sweet. It's supposed to be whipped cream I think but it's just not really adding much to the bar. Basically, this just tastes like a super chocolate Kit Kat bar. Not that this is a bad thing if the chocolate is good quality; it's just not that creative as a Kit Kat variation, although the marketing isn't too bad.

I must give Nestle credit for the idea of mixing a fun desert with their Kit Kat bar, but I guess they've just used up all the classic bar enhancements that most candy companies use. The folks at Nestle have to go somewhere with their bar, going with desserts as an inspiration could be a good thing, but if it’s not done well it could be bad. Either way I'll keep trying them to find out.