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Kit Kat "Green Tea"


Taste: 4.5

Texture: 5

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

May 25 2008

Just when you thought everything in the world had been tried the fine folks in Japan find a way to rock your world. I seem to have noticed the number of "variation" treats I've review has increased. I used to shy away from them but now I think I'm searching for a reason for them to exist. I think I'm looking for that one variation treat that completely changes my mind about the idea that making a variation is in fact really clever an not just a cop out for candy companies. It's not that I don't enjoy the flavour of variations it's just that I don't think they're very creative.

This particular treat most definitely falls under the taste good category, and it's even kind of unique. At least here in North America it is. I mean green tea has become a fairly regular flavour, it's still a little unique but I have seen it at Baskin Robins, so it's not that strange.

In the Kit Kat form it's pretty tasty. You can't really taste it when you bite into the bar but it just leaves a nice after taste. I'm glad because if they completely dominated the bar with green tea it might have been really gross. The bar also keeps its great Kit Kat texture and chocolate to wafer ratio.

Pretty much I have to say if you want something different that isn't too scary I'd completely recommend picking one of these up.