Kit Kat "Orange"


The Kit Kat is the perfect bar. If you look at my other reviews, in particular the classic Kit Kat bars, you’ll know that by every sense of the word there is nothing better at all. When you change a bar you run the risk of losing quality, and with the case of the Kit Kat Orange this is exactly what happened. It’s not to say that all changes are bad, you just have to know that if you take a bar that most people love and change it, you run the risk of some of those people not liking it at all.

This Kit Kat bar, although tasty, really takes away from the original Kit Kat flavour. In fact, the orange taste is so overwhelming you can't taste the milk chocolate or cream (from between the wafers) from the Kit Kat anymore. All it tastes like is orange chocolate. You still get the crunch from the wafers, but the flavour is overpowered by the orange chocolate. Part of the greatness of Kit Kat is the subtle taste of wafer, it's completely lost in this bar.

If you like the traditional Kit Kat bar, you might not like this at all. I think there are better ways to make a Kit Kat orange, and I think this bar just doesn’t work.