Kitty Boy Fruity Cream Cone "Chocolate Vanilla"


I'm not sure how I feel about this candy. It's a clever idea, and it delivers basically what it suggests on the package. In each box you're given four very small ice cream cones and a tube of what I can only describe as white and brown icing with a chocolate like flavour. The highlight is the cute little cones, they’re just so small and full of ice cream cone details. The ice cream portion of these ice cream cones didn't come out as fancy as they did on the package, but that could have been a skill issue more than anything else. I imagine with some practice you could get it pretty close. I guess the problem then is that you only get four chances.

The icing has a few flaws, it's very dense most of the time, but it also occasionally squirts out what I can only describe as brown water. This does make it difficult if you're trying to make the perfect looking mini ice cream cone as seen on the package. Taste wise the icing is OK, at least it tastes a little like chocolate. The icing also has a bit of a gritty feel to it, I assume that comes from the sugar that was used. The cones themselves are almost perfect, they look great and taste like slightly stale ice cream cones. The problem obviously is that they're likely a little stale, but I'm not sure if I can blame the manufacturer for that.

Making the cones is a challenge, it took two of us to get anything that looked even remotely like an ice cream cone. The thing is we had a pretty fun time doing it, and the end result isn't totally disgusting to eat. It's not a fantastically great tasting treat, and it could be with slightly better-quality icing, but it was creative and fun to eat.