Kiwi Lollipop

Sweet N Fun

So, you're asking yourself, or maybe you're not, but either way someone may be asking himself or herself "why would you review such a basic candy?" The reason is because it looked cool. Sure, I may judge my candy by its appearance, does that make me shallow? No, it does not, I have many other reasons to be shallow. I saw this treat sitting next to a cashier in a store and I thought it was so cool looking that I couldn't pass it up. That and I almost never see kiwi flavoured candy, so it's like a double win. Wow, I'm doing well today.

It's been a while since I've eaten a kiwi flavoured candy, and the last one tried tasted more like watermelon than kiwi. Because of that I'm not so surprised at how little this lollipop tastes like kiwi, however I am surprised at how much it tastes like sour apple. I'm surprised, and a little disappointed too. I’m disappointed because I would have liked to have finally tasted a kiwi flavoured lollipop, and I'm also not a big fan of most apple flavours either. It's strange, maybe I'll have to do another taste test myself, but I never thought of kiwis and apples having the same flavour. I'm not going to go off on this tangent too much because I've never thought of it before.

So aesthetically the lollipop looks really cool. I even took a few pictures just for myself. If you come across it though don't get too excited, unless you want it as a centre piece and not something to eat.

Suck Time: 34 minutes