Klondike "Choc Burger Chocolate"

Good Humor

What would you do for a Klondike Burger? When I look in the dairy case, I often have to figure out what kind of treat I want to eat. The description is often the first thing I read to figure out what might appeal to me. Then I go to the graphics on the ice cream treat, maybe a picture of the product might make my mouth water. To be honest though, the name of this ice cream treat is what caught my attention this time.

The Klondike Burger kind of looks like a burger patty when you first open it up. Once you it, it smells like a Drumstick (not the chicken kind but the ice cream kind). Fortunately, the taste isn’t too bad either, and better yet I’m happy that it doesn’t taste like a frozen hamburger. The cookie goes well with the ice cream and it has just the right amount of caramel to accent everything. They manage to keep the look of a hamburger while making an ice cream treat that tastes pretty good too. That’s not an easy feat at all.

As ice cream bars go this one isn’t too bad. As a hamburger goes, I wouldn’t recommend putting it on a grill.