I've come to the conclusion that I really don't like many wafer-based treats. However, the ones that I do like, I really like a lot. I think for the most part the thing that I find wrong with this type of treat is the wafer to other stuff ratio. More often than not, there's a whole lot of wafer, probably because it's a fairly cheap ingredient, and not much other stuff like chocolate or cream. I guess what I'm saying is, that it’s fine to use the wafer as a solid base, but you can’t be cheap on the ingredients.

This bar is thankfully one of those wafer treats that works really well. The amount of chocolate and milk cream is great, nice and plentiful. It allows for the crisp wafer to give it some texture, but it isn't too dry. Flavour wise, wafers don't offer too much, so it's up to the other stuff to come through. In this case the flavour that comes through is a wonderful hazel nut and chocolate blend. The milk layer isn't as distinctive, but it's added creaminess to the taste and texture.

It was a long day for me today, and I almost didn't want to do a review. However, I sat back, took a bite of this bar and was very satisfied.