Garden Ganache "Passion Fruit"

Kohler Chocolates

The fist thing I have to point out when I review these chocolates is how absolutely cool they look. I've never seen chocolates with such vibrant colours that didn't look ridiculous. For the most part when someone hands me any kind of chocolate with bright colours I'm turned off. The chocolate is often cheap and the designs are generally... well... silly looking. It's nice to see some people with a sense of aesthetics when they make their chocolates. The key question however is how do they taste.

I've decided for this review to just review, the passion fruit chocolate (it would be the one on the upper right hand of the picture). I picked it because I don’t think I’ve ever had a passion fruit chocolate before. My first instinct is that I’m kind of disappointed to be honest. I was expecting a little more chocolate. Then after chewing it a few times I realise why the chocolate is so thin. The idea is to use the chocolate to contain the really yummy passion fruit cream stuff on the inside.

It's as if the cream (or Ganache) is a puréed passion fruit but a little different. It almost seems to melt in my mouth. I could eat a whole bowl of this stuff. This cream is really spectacular. My only negative about this treat really is the chocolate. I know why they didn't use that much, but I don't really agree with the choice. I also might have liked a chocolate that was a little more melt in my mouth, just like that passion fruit stuff in the middle. It’s a bit of an imbalance, an amazing filling with an okay chocolate coating.