Pizza Noodle Snack


Probably the best way to describe these crunchy pizza flavoured noodles would be subtle, but awesome crunch. When I first opened up this bag I basically thought that the person whom designed these was a genius. This person took ramen noodles, broke them up into small chunks, and put them into a bag. It seems like a really simple idea, but since no one had thought of it yet, that makes it a great idea. I took my first crunchy bite, then another, and to be honest I'm almost finished the whole bag. I'm still convinced it's just ramen noodles, but I’m still really enjoying them.

I guess the key thing I learned is that I kind of like uncooked ramen noodles. There’s a light crunchy fun texture to these noodles. There’s just something so satisfying about biting into this bird’s nest of crunchiness. The shape of the dried noodles is also great because the flavour sticks well to them in all the little groves. So not only is the crunch satisfying, but it holds the flavour really well.

The one strange thing about these Asian based noodles is that they’re covered in Pizza flavouring (I forgot to mention that the pizza flavour really wasn't bad either). It seems like a really odd multicultural collaboration of flavours and textures. Normally I'm not a huge fan of pizza flavoured snacks, because it's often just a light barbeque flavour, but this rendition isn’t too bad.

These Pizza Noodle Snacks were fun to eat, while the pizza flavour wasn’t bad, I think I'd rather try another flavour; it might be a bit better.