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Strange little sugar cristals


Taste: 0.1

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 1

All scores out of 5

I bought this treat out of sheer curiosity and that's about it. I saw cute little critters on the frong and strange little metior shapped sugar cristals in the bag and my interest was peaked. That and I couldn't read a word of the package, that always gets me. There's a little tip for those that want me to review their treats on this site, make sure I can't read anything, or if I can read anything it's random and not the main print, and I'm sure to review it. I'm also sure to be slightly nervous when I bite into it because I won't really have any idea as to what I'm eating.

I figured in the best situation bitting into these little nuggettes I might get something fruity or maybe even a little sour. I figured in the worst case situation I would get something that just tasted really bad... maybe perfumy or something. I was wrong, the worst situation I could get it that they tasted like nothing at all, just sweet, because that's what I got. After reading the back of the package (they had english translations of the ingredience) I read that it contained sugar and artificial colours.

So the flavour sucked, but what about the texture? It was actually pretty good, somthing about a sugar cristal that just feels good to crunch on. Maybe it's because I know I'm just eating sugar and I know the energy boost I'm about to get will be great, but the feeling these little nugettes gave me when I bit into them was ok.