December 2022











Kool-Aid Gum "Grape"


This gum has something good, something nostalgic, and something weird. I feel like I need to get the weird thing out of the way right off the bat. I’ll also warn you that this is not a good weird, it’s a bad weird. It’s also worth mentioning first because it feels like it’s the strongest and longest lasting feature of this gum. The weird thing about this gum is that it seems to have some kind of menthol flavour. For some reason after a few chews of this gum my mouth seems to cool off a bit. This cool feeling also seems to last longer than the grape flavour of this gum, which is weird in a bad way. I was so weirded out by this strange flavour issue that I did something I rarely do, and gave this gum a second chance. Normally I try to write my reviews based on my first impressions, but sometimes something happens that I feel like I need to try this candy again before writing the review. This was truly the case with this grape Kool-Aid gum. Surprisingly at the second attempt at chewing this gum, there was once again a strange cooling sensation when I chewed it.

The good thing about this gum was the grape flavour. If you look past the weird menthol feeling you get when you chew this gum, you will find a pleasant fake grape flavour that tastes a good deal like grape Kool-Aid. I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like Kool-Aid is an easy flavour to synthesize in other forms because Kool-Aid is often a very synthesized flavour. In other words it’s not like we’re comparing this grape flavour to real grapes, both in this gum and in Kool-Aid. I also like the fact that this gum is hard when it comes out of the package, it reminds me of the gum that came in baseball cards when I was a kid. My friends wanted the cards but hated the gum. I like the cards, but also liked the hard mouth shattering gum. So I would often end up with many sticks of gum after my friends opened all their packs of cards. While the flavour of this gum was a little different than the gum that came in my baseball cards, it has the same texture and general mouth feel.

I really don’t want this strange menthol feeling to be the main feature of this gum, but it is. I can’t really tell if it’s objectively very cool feeling, or if it’s only slightly cool but because it’s so out of place with the grape flavour. I really disliked this cool feeling and I can safely say that it ruined this gum. Obviously there’s no reason for a grape gum to have a cool feeling, particularly a Kool-Aid flavoured gum. I wanted this gum to do better, and there were certainly things I liked, I just feel like you’d be better off trying one of the other flavour, and Kool-Aid might want to consider trying to reformulate this flavour again.