Popin' Cookin' "Festival (Carnival) Food"


This is the second Popin' Cookin' food that I've attempted, and this one was much more complicated than the sushi one I tried before. The thing that this kit has taught me is that not all of the Kracie products are the same. This one requires a bit more time and a bit more patience. There is a much larger margin for error when making this kit as well. I would also say that unlike the sushi kit that I made earlier, this one didn't look as much like the package (or the real food) as the other did.

I would also say that the flavours and textures of this Festival Food Popin’ Cookin’ set weren't on the same level as the other kit I'd tried. The only flavours that worked (kind of) was the chocolate covered bananas. That's because these were squishy and tasted like banana, and the chocolate sauce was pretty chocolaty so it seemed pretty perfect. The candy apples were balls of jelly on a stick, with nothing hard in the middle. The corn was just sprinkles stuck to something like a soft Starburst candy. The fries were the most disappointing because they were just sticks of mush.

When we finished making these festival foods, they looked OK, but I wasn't blown away. It was kind of fun to make, but it required even more attention to detail than just about any DIY candy treat that I’ve ever made. I would say that if you really want to make this right, pick up two kits and have a practice run first. I won't say that it's not fun to make, but it's just not as simple as the sushi version, but maybe I'm just a simple guy.