Krackles "Tingly Cheese & Onion"

The Snack Factory

Few things draw me to a bag of potato chips more than a sense of mystery. Most often that mystery comes from a strange word (or words) being used on the package. In this case the word is "tingly". I don't think I've ever eaten a candy or snack that has described itself as "tingly". I think if I was to make a candy, I would put tingly on the list of words that should never be used. More importantly, in my brain I imagine that any treat giving me a tingly sensation is probably doing me harm. I would have likely passed over the packet of crisps (or chips as some call them) had the word “tingly” not been on the package.

My belief is that the word tingly was a choice by someone at The Snack Factory who may or may not have had a firm grasp of the English language. I really can't imagine anybody in any English-speaking marketing department making this choice. The first reason I believe this is that these chips did not make me tingle in any way at all. As far as cheese and onion chips go, they were very average. More importantly the cheese flavour was actually the more subtle of the two flavours, thus I would say that these chips were closer to being cheese and tingly onion flavoured.

I don't think the mysterious choice of words to describe the cheese paid off with these chips. The flavour and texture were fairly standard. That said they weren't bad either, and I'd happily buy another bag in the future. While I’m disappointed that the package lied to me, I’m happy that these chips didn’t make me feel tingly.