Kumquat Candy


Kumquats are tiny little citrus fruits that generally don't taste very good at all. It begs the question, who grows these fruits for profit and why? I thought maybe trying a kumquat candy would solve this question and tell me that candy makers where the main buyers of this gross little citrus fruit. Maybe as a fruit it's kind of gross, but as a candy it's much better.

Well it's certainly not as sour as a candy, the kumquat on its own is one of the most sour/bitter fruits I've ever eaten, second only to the Greek "naranzia". Sugared it really mellows out a lot; in fact, I'd say it's not even a little sour. It is super sweet though, almost too sweet. The sweet flavour drowns out almost all of the fruity flavour you might get out of this, maybe a little too much.

The texture is a little strange as well. The skin is left on so you bit through a slightly hard exterior to an almost liquid centre. Then in the middle there appears to be some kind of seeds, big ones too. They're pretty soft so you can just chew them up, but it's a really strange sensation. The liquid centre is also really sweet, too sweet if you ask me, and that's saying a lot coming from me.

I don't really get the nice citrus feeling from this treat. I get a bit of the bitterness, a slight orange flavour, and a rush of sweet. So, I guess kumquats don't really improve when made into a candy.