April 2022


Little Hen

Peres Trappistes de Mistassini

While I have reviewed many eggs on this site, and even some chicks (Peeps to be exact), I believe this is the first chicken I’ve ever reviewed. At the very least it’s the first chocolate chicken that I’ve reviewed. It’s a little odd because chocolate chickens were actually a really big part of my Easter as a kid. Back when I was a kid we didn’t have a huge variety of chocolate shaped things to get on Easter. Almost every chocolate treat was a bunny or an egg, except for the chocolate chicken. The best part about this chocolate chicken, at least for me, was the fact that it was personalized. Every year my name was written crudely in icing on the side of the basket that my chicken would sit. It was an Easter tradition and this cute little chicken reminded me of those days.

This chocolate chicken, as the name says, is small. It’s much smaller than the one I got as a kid. While the size doesn’t measure up, the design is still pretty close to the one I used to get as a kid. The details aren’t perfect, particularly since mine had a small air hole in the waddle, but there’s no mistaking it for a chicken. There are plenty of other chocolate Easter treats that are much larger than this, with far less detail. While I’m still fuzzy about the association between a chicken and Easter, it still has a place in my Easter memories.

Taking all the nostalgia away, this treat is fine. The milk chocolate is nice and smooth, but the cocoa flavour is a little stronger than what you generally find in mass produced chocolate treats. I would say that in quality this ranks higher than most Easter chocolates, but maybe not the best I’ve ever had. The one disappointment is something that’s pretty common with Easter treats, and that’s the fact that it’s hollow. While I kind of understand why they make large Easter chocolate treats hollow, I’m always a little disappointed when I get a small treat like this and it’s empty inside. I’m not really sure why companies make any chocolate treats hollow, other than keeping the price down.

This little hen tasted great, and really brought back a lot of great nostalgic memories. Sure it could be better, but it not only satisfied my chocolate craving, it also put a smile on my face.