Lacta Bubbly


I'd really like to love this treat, I really would, but I can't. I don't hate this treat, and there's one detail about this treat that I think is really creative, but I can't love it.

I'll start off with the one part of this treat that I thought was really creative. The bar is made up of a milk chocolate base filled with air, and is topped with caramel filled chocolate bubbles. What I love about this treat is the fact that the caramel filled bubbles on the top are all different sizes, so each bite gives you a different amount of caramel. Although the picture on the package doesn't really explain this very well, the smaller bubbles contain almost no caramel, while the bigger bubbles are full of caramel. It's a nice creative and fun part of this chocolate bar.

Unfortunately, other than that, this bar falls fairly flat. First of all, the bubble concept is something that Cadbury came out with a few years ago with an "upgrade" to their Dairy Milk line. They too got rid of the basic square shapes and went for bubbly shapes instead. Right off the bat I feel like this bar is just trying to copy the new Dairy Milk bars instead of being something creative.

Secondly the caramel is really low quality. The chocolate is the classic Lacta super milky chocolate that I've tasted before, however the caramel is a tasteless goo that doesn't add any flavour to the bar at all. It really didn't matter if I was eating a large bubble of caramel, or a bubble with almost no caramel, I really didn't get a good caramel flavour at any bite.

Thirdly, but maybe not as importantly, I'm not a big fan of the bubble layer at the bottom. I understand that it's an important part to the theming of this bar, but I really don't think it added anything to the flavour. I would have preferred a solid chocolate bottom (maybe a little thinner than the bubble bottom) and a little extra caramel (if the caramel was higher quality).

There’s something here, but there’s also a few things I don’t like about this bar as well.