Lacta "Caramel Cream and Liquid Caramel"


This bar leads me to believe that candy makers don't always taste test their treats as they invent them. The concept for this bar is perfect, a smooth chocolate with a cream and caramel center. It's a unique idea that should work, but it doesn't. The problem with this bar is very simple to fix as well, it's all about proportion.

My first suggestion to fix this bar is to make it thicker. The flavour of the caramel is completely lost, and I think the answer would be more stuff in the middle. If you formatted this bar as a thick bar instead of a thin bar I really think the center filling would work so much better. The other option is to adjust the strength of the caramel. While this bar is creamy, I think the caramel flavour is just lost completely. I more powerful or burnt caramel would stand out much better.

The other improvement to this bar would be to fix up the chocolate. I know Lacta is known for making a creamy milk chocolate, but in this case, I think something a little more bitter and a little less creamy would have done wonders. It would create a nice contrast with the creamy caramel.

As it stands the caramel flavour is lost to an overpowering creamy flavour of the chocolate. There is a hint of chocolate, but it's just so creamy that it doesn't have the right kind of chocolate kick. It's a great idea for a bar, I just can't believe that Lacta really thought they had achieved it with this bar.