Lacta Sandwich "Cracker"


If this review was solely on the concept of this bar, I think perfect 5's all around. This is one of those ideas that I'm surprised more chocolate bar companies hadn't thought of before. I'm surprised I had never thought of it before either. Why not take what we know about chocolate bars, and cross it with cream filled cookies. In other words, sandwich two "crunchy treats" on the top and bottom of each square of chocolate. In this case they even go a step further (out of the box) and use crackers instead of cookies. It's a very unique idea that I'm amazed I've never seen before.

Now you know the concept is great, but you might be asking how well did Lacta pull it off? First, I'll look at the good parts of this bar, and trust me there are plenty. The chocolate is nice a smooth, and very creamy. It melted in my mouth in just the way you want milk chocolate to melt in your mouth. The addition of the crackers was also very good. Instead of just having a sweet cookie surrounding the chocolate, a cracker gives you a little savoury to balance out the flavour. I did taste a little salt on the cracker, but not too much.

I guess now I'll point out what I didn't like about this bar. Really there's only one fault, unfortunately this fault takes this bar from being spectacular to just being good. The problem is in the proportions. I think this bar could have used a little more cracker. I found that the crackers sunk into the chocolate, particularly at the bottom, and weren't as affective as they could have been. I'm glad that each square of chocolate had its own pair of crackers; I just wish the crackers could have been just a little bigger. This mostly affected the texture, but the flavour might have improved as well.

Don't get me wrong; this bar is a brilliant out of the box idea. For any candy fan out there, I highly recommend trying this for the experience alone. With a few tweaks, this bar could turn into one of my favourites.