Lakkris Kokostromp


Have you ever heard someone say, you can always make it better if you cover it in chocolate? This bar is a perfect example of that, in fact this bar proves this concept twice over. The reason it proves this twice over is that this bar has two different fillings, black licorice, and some kind of coconut cream. If you've read other reviews (or our blog) you'll know that coconut and black licorice are two of my least favourite flavours in all of candy. So, putting them together is pretty much a sure fire issue for me. The thing is, the chocolate coating, although a little thin, actually made this bar better.

Let's not go crazy here, this was not a good bar, it wasn't even OK, it was in my opinion a not great bar. The thing is, without the chocolate, this bar would have been horrible, and maybe even inedible. However, the empty wrapper in front of me is proof that chocolate can make everything better, even things as horrible as coconut and licorice.

If I had to describe this bar, in candy terms, I would describe the filling like a really long Licorice Allsort (the sandwich kind) with a really strong coconut flavour. The only thing going for this bar, other than the fact that it proves chocolate can make things better, is the texture. The coconut cream and chewy licorice are a pretty good texture for a candy bar, too bad about the taste.