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On paper this New Zealand chocolate bar really shouldn't work, strangely though, it does. I wouldn't say that it's the best chocolate bar I've ever eaten in my life, but it takes several strange elements and somehow makes them work together. I'm pretty sure that part of the reason why it works is novelty, but at least it's novelty that makes me happy.

The strangest thing about this bar is that the aftertaste is really the highlight. Truly the best part of this treat happens about 5 minutes after you've eaten this bar. This is a pretty unique feature for a chocolate bar. The most disappointing part of this bar happens almost immediately, so you have to be a little patient to enjoy this treat. The disappointment of this bar is the white chocolate. For some of you white chocolate haters out there you'd probably argue that any time you bite into white chocolate it's a disappointment. I disagree, I actually enjoy the subtle creamy vanilla flavour of a good white chocolate, this bar is neither creamy or vanilla-y. Instead all you taste is a slight lemon flavour, I think a little more of a creamy flavour may have worked to improve these opening moments with this bar. Texture wise it's pretty good, the chocolate is nice and dense, as well as pretty smooth. There are also some tiny little crackly bits inside, but I'll talk about that more later on. For the most part the texture is fine, nothing spectacular, but the first taste is kind of disappointing.

The real magic happens after the chocolate has melted away into your mouth. As soon as you're over the texture, the cocoa butter lines your mouth with a wonderful lemon flavour, and it sticks around for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden, those crispy bits reveal themselves to you. As it turns out those crispy bits are Pop-Rock like candies. So your mouth is coated in a wonderful cocoa butter lemon popping delight. This flavour lasts for a few minutes (longer than it took me to eat the bar), and literally leaves you with a wonderful taste in your mouth.

It's a really unique bar that, once you get over the bland white chocolate beginning, offers you a wonderful lemon mouth sensation that works really well.