Layer Bar


Eating this treat I went through three emotion very quickly. The first two emotions even took place before I took one bite of this bar. It's another case of me thinking the bar was one thing, then realising it was a little different and being surprised. It's a problem I often have when I can’t read the package, and I only have some visual cues from the package as to what might be inside. As much as I’d like to believe that I’m not affected by packages, I am. So, when a package leads me to one conclusion, I can sometimes be surprised by what’s actually behind the wrapper.

So back to my emotions. I started off with this treat making me really excited at the idea of a chocolate bar with the wafer on the outside. You might think of it as being like the chocolate bar version of a crustacean or any other shelled invertebrate. I thought that this snack’s crunch came not just from the little rice crisps on the inside, I thought that this treat had a cool crunchy shell as well. Then, after opening it I came across the realisation that the shell only covered the top of this bar. It was as if they made some small bowls out of crunchy material and just flipped it over and filled them up. I instantly felt ripped off. Why in the world would you not totally encapsulate this treat in wafer, why leave out the bottom? It's not like wafer is expensive, I'm pretty certain it's the cheapest part of this bar and likely one of the cheapest ingredients in all of candy.

After getting over the disappointment of the lack of crunchy bottom on this bar, I felt pretty "meh" about the treat on the whole. The wafer on the top was ok, the chocolate fine, the rice crisps in the centre might be a little bit of overkill after having a great deal of this bar covered in wafer. While this bar is pretty interesting, it's just not as exciting an idea without the bottom shell as well.