Lay's Inspired by "Canada Bacon Poutine"


When you have to name flavours that represent Canada, bacon and poutine really work well. These two flavours are truly Canadian, and few Canadians would disagree. Strangely though, as a Canadian I can't say that I've ever thought of putting the two together before. I'm sure it would work, as meat and poutine are a fine combination. Some purists may disagree with the idea of mixing anything into their poutine, but I'm much more open minded.

Potato chips are also a good vessel for poutine flavoured snacks since one of the key ingredients in poutine is potatoes. With poutine chips you already have one ingredient knocked out. Already these chips sound like a good idea, it represents Canada well (as is the point of these chips), poutine and bacon seem like a good match, and poutine flavoured chips seems like a natural, so why didn't these chips work?

I think why these chips don’t work is fairly simple, cheese. Cheese curd is an essential part of any poutine. Cheese adds a great flavour and texture that makes this great Canadian food work so well. These chips on the other hand lacked both the texture and the flavour of cheese curd. While I admit the texture would have been difficult to match, the flavour wouldn't be too hard. I have eaten plenty of tasty cheese chips in my life, and adding some cheese flavour would have made this work so well. It would have been even cooler if instead of adding cheese flavour, they mixed in some cheese flavoured chips. This would have given these chips a more authentic poutine taste, because you don't always get the same amount of cheese in every bite.