Lay's Chaat Street "Dahi Baray"


These chips have achieved something better than any other chip I've ever eaten before, a truly complex flavour. It's something that many other flavours of chips have attempted, but none have achieved as well as these. I know that you often hear the term “complex flavour” as a description on food television shows, and it's probably over used. To me a complex flavour means that you can taste more than one flavour layered into each bite. To achieve this, each flavour has to be clear and recognizable as well. This is truly a rare occurrence in the food industry, and even rarer with packaged salty snacks.

When you first bite into these chips you're hit with a mild creamy flavour, like yoghurt. It's a little bitter, but smoothens out quickly. Then, you get a slight hint of curry. Finally, you're hit with a strong dose of coriander, and that pretty much sticks with you for a little while afterwards. I was expecting these to be spicy, and to leave my mouth with an uncomfortable burning sensation, but there wasn't anything at all painful in these chips. I'm not sure exactly what Dahi Baray is, but if it’s even close to matching this chip flavour, I'm kind of interested in trying it.

I could easily say that these chips could be one of the most unique flavour of chips that I've ever tried, but I can't say that they're the best chips I've ever tried. I only say this because I have a problem with coriander. There are some people in the world who don't like coriander; I'm told it's genetic. To some, myself included, coriander tastes exactly like soap. Since coriander is one of the strongest flavours, and the last flavour you're left with, these chips kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

I'm going to give these chips a low "Taste" score in this review, but only because I don't like coriander. These chips were so unique, and the other flavours worked so well, that I ate the entire bag anyways. So, if you’re OK with coriander, I highly recommend giving these a try.