March 2023

Lay's "Cheesy Twist"


I’m not really sure what the twist is supposed to be. Is it supposed to be the cheese variety it’s trying to emulate, or maybe that these cheese chips are a little spicy? While both of these are a little uncommon for potato chips, they’re not really “twists”. While cheddar is the most common cheese used in potato chips, I’ve had chips with many different varieties of cheese in the past. It’s also not that uncommon to pair cheese and hot peppers together, Doritos have been doing it for decades. Maybe there’s another twist to these chips that I just don’t taste/see.

I said above that the twist might be the use of an uncommon cheese, but honestly I’m only guessing at that. The reason I said anything is because the cheese flavour is a little unusual. The package colour would imply that it’s supposed to be cheddar, but the graphics on the package would suggest Swiss. The ingredient list doesn’t really give me any idea of what cheese they’re trying to simulate either. I can tell you that it’s different than most cheddar cheese flavoured potato chips, so that’s why I’m making the assumption.

Spicy wise I was very happy, particularly if that is in fact that twist. It’s not that it’s really that unique a twist, except for the fact that the spice didn’t blow my socks off. I was able to eat this entire “Big Pack” of potato chips without having to take a break. I did have to take a few sips of cola to cool my mouth a bit, but in general it was fairly easy. If you totally hate all things spicy it might be a bit uncomfortable, and if you love super spicy you might be disappointed. For those of us that can tolerate light spice, it’s not too bad.

I don’t think there’s anything revolutionary about the concept of these chips, however the flavour is fairly unique. I think the word “twist” in the name is a bit of a stretch, but maybe that’s just from the guy who’s eaten dozens of different flavour of Lay’s already. Maybe some people might find these very interesting indeed.