Lay's "Cinnamon Bun"


I've been out of town (out of Canada really) for a bit and it appears that Lay's has started a new contest to create a new flavour of chips. At this point they're down to the last 4 flavours, 3 of them are in the regular chip flavour spectrum, and then there's this one. I don't want to be a Debby Downer, but Gloria Melanson (she's the one credited with creating this idea), I don't think your chip flavour is going to win. It's not that I dislike your chip idea, I just think that you've created a novelty more than a brilliant snack idea.

The chips themselves are actually pretty good. These aren't spectacular chips, but they're unique, and they actually taste like cinnamon buns. When I first bit into these chips I was expecting a cinnamon potato chip, but I was really surprised at how well they managed to encapsulate the full cinnamon bun flavour. These chips had a buttery sweet flavour that balanced really well with the cinnamon spice flavour. Pringle's made a sweet potato and cinnamon chip before and it was all cinnamon, these on the other hand really use all of the flavours that make up cinnamon rolls.

I guess the question remains, why don't I think these will win this new chip contest? It's very simple. Although these have a very unique and tasty flavour, the chip itself is kind of secondary. If you add this flavour to just about any thin crunchy snack it'll taste great, but it whatever you put it on would still be just a second fiddle. I think people will taste these, and many might enjoy them, but they'll remain a novelty. People won't eat these and say they're eating a great potato chip; they'll just talk about how weird it is that the flavour works with a potato chip.

Sorry Gloria, while you'll probably loose to a poutine or mac and cheese chip you can rest assured that you impressed a guy that's not impressed by a lot of kooky chip flavours.