Lay's "French Cheese"


This bag of chips confuses me. That's pretty surprising since it's just a bag of cheese-flavoured potato chips. The confusion starts with the name of these chips, “French Cheese”. I've never heard of a cheese called French Cheese, I only know of cheese that is made in France, the cheeses made in France often go by other names. After the name of these chips, the next confusing aspect of the package is the picture of the block of cheese right on the front. While I'm not a cheese expert, I generally assume that white cheeses with holes in it are Swiss cheese. So why would a bag that says "French Cheese" have a picture of Swiss cheese on it?

The final confusing part of these chips are the chips themselves, they're orange. I generally associate orange cheese with cheddar cheese. Cheddar cheese is neither French nor Swiss. The flavour on the other hand is simple, a fairly boring cheese like flavour. It really doesn't have a particularly distinctive cheese taste, and it's really not that strong a flavour either. I was hoping it would have a flavour that was distinctly French, but it really didn't.

The bag is confusing, the flavour is disappointing, but I guess the texture is OK. I've had much better cheese chips before and none of them confused me as much as these did. Most of the other cheese-flavoured chips I’ve had are either super strong or very distinctive, these French Cheese chips were just blah.