Lay's "Honey Butter"


On the top corner of this bag of chips it says "limited edition”, and that makes me sad, that's because I don't want these chips to go away. This is the first time that I've ever tasted a sweet flavoured potato chip whose flavour would likely work for almost everybody. Before trying these, I would see sweet flavoured potato chips and a kind of gimmick, something you try once, but the likelihood of eating them regularly is fairly slim. After eating these my mind has changed. The simple flavour of honey and butter really go well together, and for some reason both of these flavours also go really well with potato. The flavour is not that shocking, and rather than just working the potato with the sweet flavour, there's a good salty flavour that works well with the sweet.

I think the reason these chips work is because of the simplicity of the flavours being used. Rather than just slapping on a sweet flavour, Lay's has chosen simple flavours, one being sweet, that work well together. The key flavour that links these all together is the butter. Butter is both sweet and savory at the same time. If you've ever tasted unsalted butter, you'll know what I mean. Butter is also the ingredient that works with both potatoes and honey. You wouldn't look strange spreading butter on a honey sandwich and you wouldn't look strange slathering a baked potato in butter. With this ingredient to link the salty and the sweet, it really works well.

I really hope that Lay's reconsiders the "Limited Edition" part of this treat. I also hope they spread this flavour around, as I think people all over the world would really appreciate these. It's a gimmick, but not a gimmick at the same time.