Lay's "Lasagna"


I was all ready for this chip to be a totally failure. I expected this because I've often had really bad luck with potato chips that are supposed to taste like Italian food. I find that most chips that are supposed to taste like Italian food, simply taste like chips covered in common Italian spices with a hint of tomato. This isn't a totally bad thing, but it's never what's advertised on the bag. Most of the time you're tempted by the idea of eating a pizza flavoured potato chip, but really, you're just getting a slightly tomato flavoured chip with lots of basil. This chip however did something a little different.

I think the difference comes from a cheese flavour added to the mix. So instead of just having a tomato flavoured chip with some spices, you get a slight cheese flavour as well. This flavour seems to balance out the acidity of the tomato flavour and helps the herbs shine a bit more. The fact that the potato also acts as a good noodle replacement (starch wise) makes this seem a little bit more like you're actually eating a bag of lasagna.

While it's impossible to get a chip that feels exactly like lasagna, mostly because the texture is such a big part, this bag of chips did pretty well. Best of all they seem to have taken a chance with the addition of a cheese like flavour to balance things out. This is not simply another bag of Italian spiced chips; this is actually kind of like a crunchy bag of lasagna.