August 2023

Lay's "Mango Chutney"


I’m not an expert in chutneys, but from what I understand they’re often a combination of something sweet and something spicy. I believe that they originated from the Indian subcontinent, but I haven’t done any research in that regard. The sweetness of a chutney can come from many different sources, fruit, onions, and even sweeter vegetables. The one thing I know for sure about chutneys is that there are millions of ways to make one. The key seems to be balancing the sweet and the spicy in order to please whomever is eating it.

This is where these chips, and my palette come into play. Running a website that’s all about candy, you pretty much know that I tend to favour the sweet side of chutneys. That’s one of the main reasons I was happy to try this mango chutney flavour of potato chips. In general, mango chutneys hit my sweet spot, unless they’re overly spicy. As I’ve mentioned before on this site, I’m not a huge fan of overly spicy foods, but I’m actually getting better. The flavour of these chips is “mango chutney” and the main image on the package is that of a mango, so I figured it might be interesting.

Here’s the interesting thing, I actually feel like the spice is the star of this show. It’s both the star of the show because the spice seems to be the strongest flavour, but it’s actually the highlight flavour as well. The mango seems to play a secondary role with these chips, but it’s actually a good thing. The sweet of the mango doesn’t destroy the spice but instead keeps it under control. I feel like the spice alone would have been too powerful, but with a shot of mango it works really well. In some ways this mango flavour allowed someone like me who can’t normally handle the heat to enjoy the flavours of the spice.

I enjoyed these chips about as much as I thought I would, but the surprise is that I enjoyed them for very different reasons than I thought I would.