Lay's "Miengkam Krobros Flavor"


There are several things on this package that made me afraid of this flavour of Lay's potato chips. The hot peppers rank and the biggest fear I had, as you may or may not know, I don't like hot food. When a bag of chips puts small chopped up peppers on it, that often means that it's spicy, sometimes scorchingly spicy. The second thing that made me afraid was the red stuff at the top of the bowl pictured on the bag. I'm not sure what it is, my best guess was shrimp, but as you'll read later that's likely not true.

This is an odd flavour of chips to say the least, it might be first time that I've eaten a chip where the first one was kind of gross, but after eating a few more I've actually grown to like these a lot. I'm not saying I learned to tolerate the flavour after a few bites, I'm saying that the flavour changed so much that I actually like these enough to get them again. The first bite that I didn't like had a slightly perfumed flavour, this is likely caused by the ginger. It's fairly common for ginger to give off a slight perfumed flavour at first, but fortunately for me it only lasts as long as the first bite.

After the first bite these chips don't go spicy, but they actually go sweet. They're sweet with a hint of lime, with little to no heat at all. It's an amazing shock considering what I was expecting, but I'm really happy about it. I still don't know what "miengkam krobros" is, but after eating these chips I'm keen to learn more.