Lay's "Oregano"


I always thought that Canada had the market cornered on fun flavours of potato chips, but I'm wrong. Granted I've seen a lot of the wackier flavours of chips in Canada (I’m looking at you Cinnamon Bun Lay’s). It would appear that fancy flavoured chips are truly an international treat idea. I'm not sure if it's always been this way, but I'm glad I live in a time to see it. This Greek bag of chips not only provides with a great flavour, but it also says a lot about the Greek culture.

In Greece herbs are a big deal, they're used everywhere and grow wild all over the place. This is why I'm totally impressed with the idea of chips flavoured with local Greek herbs as a flavour of potato chips. Best of all these chips don't really disappoint either. I use the word "really" because there is one way that these chips could be better, fresh oregano, but I imagine that's an impossible treat to package.

One simple herb and a potato chip is so drastically improved it's astounding. This is really a great example of how Greek cooking works as well. The food is made with simple ingredients that work well together and are of a really high quality. These really are a taste of Greece.