Lay's "Ketchup Tango"


I wasn't going to try these chips. You might be surprised but I do pass over some snacks sometimes. I don't buy or eat every single snack I see in the world. If I did then I would be eating and posting a new review every day of the week, and I would be very obese. So when I first saw these chips I decided to instead go for another flavour, Honey Butter Lay's, which I've already reviewed. Then a friend of mine, who has good junk food credit suggested I go back and give these a try. It wasn't easy, but when you get a good recommendation you have to try your hardest to seek the snack out.

A good recommendation can also make reviewing a snack a little difficult. If I get a recommendation from someone I trust, then the expectation that this treat is tasty is pretty high. Fortunately for these chips, even with the high expectations, they did pretty well. My friend described these chips as tasting a little bit like normal ketchup chips (a common flavour in Canada), but the flavour was a little more subtle. Canadian ketchup chips are often very intense and are known to make your fingers bright red with the ketchup flavoured powder coating. Not only is the flavour of these chips more subtle, but there's something extra going on as well. It's as if the ketchup has a slightly spicy flavour, not hot, but spiced.

I'm not sure what "Tango" means, but in this case it means subtle and spicy (but not hot). There's something about these chips that make them very pleasant to eat. I'm not convinced that they're better than regular (Canadian) ketchup chips, but they're not bad at all. I guess my friend's reputation stands firm.