December 2023

Lay's Taste of England "Cheddar Cheese Flavor"


There was a time when cheese flavoured potato chips were my go to flavour. I believe it was Ruffles that had a cheese chip that was absolutely amazing. It was creamy and cheesy, but also had a really great crunch. They stopped making them that same way, and I eventually lost interest in cheese flavoured chip. However, it was probably the only time in my life when salt and vinegar was not my go to potato chip flavour. As you can imagine, I have very high standards when it comes to cheese potato chips. It’s because I know that you can have an almost perfect cheddar cheese flavoured potato chip.

The thing about these, they’re actually pretty close to what I remember. There are two flavours that go into making the perfect cheddar cheese potato chip. It has to be creamy, and it has to have that slight sharp cheddar flavour. Both of those flavours have to also work well together. If a chip is too creamy it’s just heavy, if it’s too sharp it can be off-putting. These cheese chips balance that out perfectly, the creamy flavour cuts back the sharpness of the cheddar, and the cheddar balances out the creaminess. A good creaminess is also important, and these feel like a really tasty butter flavour.

The only difference between these and the chips I loved as a child is the size of the ridges. I feel like the ones I had as a kid had much bigger ridges than these, so they also had a bit more flavour. These were very flavourful, but they could be even more flavourful if they had slightly larger ridges. Having said that, I was not disappointed by these chips at all. In fact, the only disappointment I had is that I didn’t buy more than one bag when I bought them. Next time I’m in Thailand I plan on picking up another bag or two for a rainy day.

I should also mention, I really love the fact that whomever did the marketing for these realized that cheddar cheese is actually a British thing, from the town of Cheddar. These are not only tasty chips, but they’re historically accurate too.