Lay's "Turkish Yogurt & Herb"


When I saw this new flavour of potato chip, I had an idea of what I was expecting. I figured that I was getting a bag of chips that would taste exactly like sour cream and onion chips. I thought that adding the Turkish yogurt and herbs on the package was an attempt to make it sound more exotic (unless they sell these in Turkey, in which case they would sound local). I couldn't for the life of me figure out how you could make a chip flavour that would be different enough from sour cream and onion chips, even though the concept is very simple.

When I bit into my first chip, my mind had been made up, and I got what I expect. A creamy flavour with a slight herb like hit, but then things started to change. While the cream flavour was similar to the sour cream flavour, the herb flavours were different. At first you get that hit of basic chip herb flavour, but then it changes. After a few chews other herb flavours start to form on your pallet. It's as if another herb is added to the flavour every few seconds. I'm not sure if I could place the herbs at each bite, as I'm sure some where combinations of herbs. I can tell you that after eating these chips, and comparing them to sour cream and onion chips, I now have a better understanding of the term "depth of flavour".

While these aren't a great deal different than sour cream and onion chips (something I grew up with), they are an improvement. I would call these enhanced, and the description is perfect. Well done Lay's.