March 2023

Lay's "Yogurt & Herb"


There are two words on the package that are used to describe the flavour of these chips, “yogurt” and “herb”. It’s a little strange because they put the word “yogurt” first. It’s strange because if I was to describe the flavour of these chips, I would not put yogurt first. In fact I might even argue that yogurt does not deserve to be on this package at all. Don’t get me wrong, the word herb is a wonderful way to describe these chips. They’ve got a wonderful green herb flavour that made them very pleasant to eat indeed. I just didn’t really get any yogurt, or anything creamy at all.

It’s not that you can’t make a creamy potato chip either. I’ve eaten both sour cream and cheese flavoured potato chips that are creamy as can be. I would say that the only thing you’d have to change to make a yogurt flavoured chips is keep the creamy flavour of a sour cream or cheese flavoured potato chip, but make it just a little bit tart. I’ve tasted chips that are a bit tart as well, so I know it’s possible. The only problem after that is balancing the herb flavour with the tart creamy flavour. These chips didn’t really have to worry about that, because the creamy flavour is pretty much nonexistent.

But let me repeat what I’ve said, I enjoyed the flavour of the chips, whatever herb combination they’re using works well. I would happily eat these chips again, and would consider dipping them in yogurt to get the full effect. I’m disappointed that they’re not that creamy, but I would never suggest you don’t try them, unless you’re really craving a creamy chip.