Lay's "P.E.I. Loaded Baked Potato"


Happy Canada Day folks. Yes, as much as it might surprise you, I am in fact Canadian, so since its the Canada Day long weekend I decided to find a great Canadian treat. Fortunately, Lay's is offering some special flavours of chips that are all about Canada. It’s not an easy thing since Canada is a vast place with all kinds of different flavours. It’s hard to pick one particular flavour that suits this country. Do you think I could mention Canada one more time in this review?

Well I have to say that these chips aren't bad, even though they say “loaded” on the package, the flavour is not overpowering. Sometimes snack companies mistake the idea of having a lot of different flavours with having a lot of flavour (i.e. strong flavours). The “loaded” flavour itself isn't bad, at first it kind of tastes like a sour cream and onion chip then there's a hint of hickory flavour. I did find that I was getting a little sick of these chips by the time I got halfway through the bag, but I find that with many chips.

I’m not really sure if this flavour achieved the goal of being the ultimate Canadian flavour. The theme P.E.I. baked potato is a pretty good representation of a Canadian flavour, I’m just not sure that these chips achieved it. They were fine enough, but I need something else before I start waving the flag.