Lay's "Nori Seaweed Flavor"


To call these "Nori Seaweed Flavor" is a bit of a misnomer. A more appropriate name for these chips is "flavoured with Nori Seaweed". What's the difference you might ask? First of all, there's more than just nori flavour on these chips. There's a slight creamy flavour as well as salt. Nori is a very subtle flavour, so after adding even a small amount of additional ingredients the nori becomes a secondary flavour. Secondly, I think that there's real nori on these chips. They're covered in green specs and it looks like dried nori to me. Nori also dries out well, so there's no reason they couldn't use the real thing.

Although the nori flavour isn't the only flavour, the combination of spices that Lay's used with the nori really works well. I've had chips made out of only nori in the past and I didn't enjoy them as much as these. The creamy flavour balances out the salty flavour of the nori very well. If it is real nori on these chips than that's great too. I always love chips flavoured with real ingredients, as opposed to artificial flavours.

I think these chips would work very well outside of Asia. Even in areas where nori isn't a common flavour. These chips would make a great subtle way for someone to try nori for the first time. It also tells me that the world is missing out on a great salty snack flavour that would work on more than just potato chips. I’m thinking nori fries.