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IQ Elements "Lemon Green-T Mint"


Taste: 2

Texture: 3

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

April 11 2007

Why don't we look at this particular treat as I strip it away layer by layer?

First of all the package, it's elegant, well designed simple and classy. For a mint that's not a bad idea, I mean kids don't really care about their breath but sophisticated grown ups do. I unfortunately am not sophisticated or a kid, but I like a good design.

After opening the package I look at the mints and think to myself, maybe they could have done something to make them not look like crazy vitamins. Again I realise that these aren't meant for kids but that doesn't mean scary green pill like candies with little flecks don't intimidate me.

So now I'm eating it. It's actually not that bad. The lemon mint flavour keeps making me expect a really bad medicine flavour because these taste a little like cough drops. The lemon is super sour and I kind of like that, the mint is a dull but slightly cool flavour, to be honest the candy could do without the mint flavour but then they wouldn't be mints would they.

I'm not sure if or where the green T comes in because I really don't taste it at all, the lemon and mint overpower. I'm not sure how much better my breath is because I'm sitting here in my office all alone and I'm pretty sure my hands aren't that clean to do the breath check test.