This is a good example of why British chocolate bars are the cream of the crop when it comes to candy bars. The first and most important part of this bar is the high quality of the chocolate. You would think high quality chocolate would be important to any bar but in some countries, they don’t seem to focus on this very much while other countries really know how to do it. I can see how there could be a difference in brands of chocolate being higher and lower quality, but what amazes me is the fact that some countries carry many more high quality chocolate bars than others. I’m sure there’s some kind of sociology paper in there somewhere, but for now I’m not really sure why this happens.

The nice twist of this Liaison bar has to be the hazel nut flavor, a flavor that melts together with the chocolate flavor and texture. If I was to rate what nuts go with chocolate the best, hazelnuts would surely rank in the top 5, they might even be number 1. There’s just something about the flavour of a hazelnut that works with the smoothness of the milk ingredients as well as the bitterness of the cocoa. This isn’t a new idea, but bars like this really show off how well these ingredients work together.

This bar is very simple and does not really excel in the novelty and texture area, but it makes up for it in spades with flavor. I’m saying that the texture is really bad just simple. Want to treat yourself? This is truly a good way.