L - North America - Unique

Lik-m-aid 'Fun Dip 'Tropical''


Taste: 2.5

Texture: 3

Novelty: 3

All scores out of 5

January 13 2010

I never really understand the whole "tropical" thing. I guess the attempt is to make a collection of flavours that are generally found in tropical areas, the thing is they always seem to mess one up. I'm sure strawberries are in fact grown in the tropics, however I live in Canada and we have strawberries here too. I also notice that tropical always means watermelon, and along with apple watermelon is the fake flavour that most often disappoints me.

As an added bonus the sticks are also lime green flavoured as opposed to Fun Dips... well I'm not really sure what flavour the regular pink dippers are supposed to be but these aren't it.

Let's start with Watermelon since it's my least favourite. Yup that's the flavour I don't really like. I'm not sure why I don't really like fake watermelon flavour, most likely because it doesn't taste anything like watermelon. The problem with watermelon is it really doesn't have much flavour it's really more about the texture than anything else.

Now Mango frankly the main reason I bought this tropical treat. It's not bad either; it's really sweet just like a mango should be. It's also pretty close to a real mango in flavour as well. I'm pretty happy with it and of all of the flavours it is the most exotic.

Finally strawberry, the flavour I figured would be the most blasé. The thing is I think this one might be my favourite. Sure it's not very exotic but it's pretty tasty. The only disappointment I got from this is that the package opened a little funny and I spilled a bit on my desk but I can hardly blame the folks at Lik-M-Aid for that.

As an added bonus I've decided to taste test the stick on it's own. All I can say is I'm glad it's only a tool to get the powder. It's really perfumy flavoured and lacks all of the tart that a good lime flavour needs.