L'il Scoops


Before I even start on this review I must comment on the brilliant, and useful, packaging. The little spoons and little egg cartoon have about a hundred uses outside of holding and eating little chocolate eggs. For example, it you ever plan on a short trip and you want to pack your own hard-boiled eggs, you need not worry about transportation or utensils. It's really brilliant if you think about it, just don't think too hard.

Cracking into these little chocolate eggs was a good time, although the spoon could have been a little stronger. I eventually ended up using my teeth to open it because the bottom started to crack. It's pretty cool that they design them to break open with little jagged edges so it looks like a real egg. The chocolate on the outside is pretty tasty too. It's smooth and not too shiny, good quality stuff if you ask me.

The stuff on the inside is basically some kind of white chocolate moose. Now I'm not such a big fan of white chocolate so I was a little disappointed. But as far as white chocolate goes this filling is ok, or at least it isn't that strong a flavour so I'm not repulsed. I'm not sure why but the white cream on the inside has also stuck to the roof of my mouth, it's strange and a little uncomfortable, but I can deal with it I guess. The best part of the whole treat is the combination of white chocolate centre balanced with the milk chocolate outsides; they work well together and taste great.