November 2021

Lindor 60% Cocoa Truffles


I kind of feel like I've been lied to. If you had a Lindor chocolate truffle that had the words “60% Cocoa”, what would you assume? First off you'd probably assume that the chocolate ball was made of some sort of dark chocolate. In this case, you'd be absolutely right. In fact the chocolate ball is made up of a fairly nice quality dark chocolate that holds its shape very well, and still melts in your mouth perfectly. It also has a nice slightly bitter flavour that one might expect from a dark chocolate. In all I can't complain at all about the dark chocolate shell of this chocolate truffle.

The problem arises when we look at the filling in this chocolate ball. I'll be honest, I've reviewed a few of these Lindor chocolates, and it seems like the chocolate centre is often the thing that makes it lose points. I feel like in this case the problem is actually a pretty big one. In the centre of this Lindor chocolate ball appears to be a milk chocolate filling. I don't know for sure, but the colour is very much lighter, and the flavour is less bitter. While the package doesn't give specifics about the format of this treat, I feel like it should be dark chocolate all the way through.

This got me thinking, I wonder if this chocolate truffle is 60% cocoa. I wonder if the dark chocolate is a high 80%, but the chocolate centre is closer to 30 or 40%? I'm sure if you did the math it would come out to 60%. While I felt ripped off, I should also mention that the truffle tasted fine. It did taste different than the regular milk chocolate truffles, and the quality of the two (different) parts were fine. I just feel like it's wrong to fill a dark chocolate shell with milk chocolate and imply that it's dark chocolate.