November 2021


Lindor Hazelnut Truffles


There’s something about these chocolates that makes me smile. One of my biggest complaints when it comes to hazelnut chocolates came about with the skyrocketing popularity of Nutella. I’ve noticed that ever since Nutella became the end all and be all, so many new chocolate hazelnut treats seem to avoid adding hazelnuts. I’m sure most of them have hazelnuts as an ingredient, however like Nutella I find that so many of these treats seem to blend them into oblivion. It’s a shame because not only are hazelnuts tasty, but they have a pretty nice crunch. This is all to say that these hazelnut chocolate treats did not disappoint me at all.

They are filled with what appears to be a Nutella like filling (it could be Nutella, I’m not sure), but these are also covered in a chocolate that contained real chunks of hazelnut. You can actually see the chunks before you bite into the ball. I’m not sure how much these chunks affect the flavour, but texture and appearance wise it certainly improved these Lindor balls.

As far as the flavour goes, these are okay. You can most certainly taste the hazelnut which is a good thing. This can actually be a problem with some chocolate hazelnut treats. In some instances the chocolate overpowers the hazelnuts, and sometimes it’s there but kind of weak. In this case it’s clearly hazelnut, but it’s also not too overwhelming. It’s a fine balance, and with the crunch from the nuts encapsulated in the chocolate ball it’s very tasty.

I feel like this Lindor worked pretty well. The chocolate isn’t the best in the world, but it’s fine enough. The crunchy bits of hazelnut were a nice surprise, but I feel like a whole hazelnut in the centre might have made this treat almost perfect.