November 2021


Lindor White Chocolate Truffles


If the words white chocolate triggers you, you might want to stop reading this review. I will be the first to admit that white chocolate is not my favourite chocolate. So much so that I would say that bad white chocolate is something I might even hate. Fortunately this is not bad white chocolate by any sense of the word. I will also say that this white chocolate is intense white chocolate. These Lindor white chocolate balls an unapologetically white chocolate. If you have a beef with white chocolate you will hate these, but if you like or even love white chocolate, these will make you happy.

The flavour I always associate with white chocolate is vanilla. It feels like these are chock full of that vanilla (like?) flavour. The texture is exactly what you expect from Lindor chocolates, smooth and melts in your mouth. I feel like this only enhances the strong white chocolate/vanilla flavour. It's as if when it melts this flavour just spreads around your mouth and nose filling it with a powerful white chocoalte flavour. For the most part I feel like all Lindor chocolates do this, but because of the strange nature/flavour of white chocolate, it seems like it's doing something a little extra.

I think the argument about weather or not white chocolate is chocolate might be helped by treats like these. I feel like the texture and intense flavour of these show off the great aspects of white chocolate. Technically it doesn't really solve anything as it is certainly missing some of the ingredients that you find in milk or dark chocolate. I just think as a feeling these do line up with chocolate. They're smooth, with an intense flavour that fills not only your mouth, but your entire head with the powerful flavour. These are traits of good chocolate, and well represented here.