Lindt Frog Prince


It's nice to see some creativity from Lindt... sort of. Valentine's Day candy is fairly limited when it comes to variety. Chocolate, cinnamon hearts and conversation hearts pretty much have a monopoly over the holiday. Not that these candies are bad, there just isn't a huge variety of other candies this time of year. The shapes that many of the chocolates take are also very limited. Hearts are the most common, and while there are a few other options, they don't always make sense. Again, I'm never disappointed with a nice heart made of chocolate, it's just not very creative.

While Lindt is playing it safe by using chocolate, the shape is very clever. At first glance you may have trouble figuring out what a frog has to do with Valentine's Day, but looking closely you'll see that he's wearing a crown. So, this little guy is a frog prince, one that might just need a kiss to turn into a full-sized chocolate prince (as a side note, it does not actually turn into a prince). This is a much better idea from the folks at Lindt for this holiday, it’s much better than dressing up their already popular Lindt bear for Valentine's Day. I'm also happy to say that they didn't just re-wrap the Lindt bear either. Unwrapped the chocolate frog still has his frog prince features. As a Valentine’s Day chocolate treat this is a very fun and creative theme.

As for the quality of the chocolate, since it's Lindt it's pretty high. Lindt is in my top five favourites for mass-produced chocolate. They can do this because they're also one of the most expensive mass-produced chocolates. One hundred grams of Lindt chocolate is going to cost you five times more than any other regular chocolate bar.

While I can't say that this is a brand new trend in Valentine's Day treats, it's slightly more creative than most candies I see on the market this time of year. It is also tasty enough that I'm sure anybody who gives one of these for Valentine's Day may get a kiss himself or herself.